Bold For Christ

StonesHow many of you remember the account of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery?  Before you continue reading, consider this scene for a minute.

If you don’t recall, or have never heard the story, allow me to hit the hi-lights:

  • The religious leaders, trying to trap Jesus, present a woman caught in adultery to the crowd and to Jesus while Jesus is teaching
  • They tell them that the Law of Moses requires that she be stoned
  • Jesus addresses those that were taking up stones and basically says, “sure, go ahead, but whoever among you is WITHOUT sin, let him be the one to cast the first stone”
  • The stones fall out of their hands, and they leave with no one left to stone her

That is so cool!

But if we stop there we miss the bigger picture.

Yes, Jesus says, “Where are they? Is there no one left…

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