Bold For Christ


Most  approaches to “winning” the addiction battle do not work. Many of us have a mind set of “I can do this”….”I’m going to do this”….”I’m trying quit”….”This time I am really done”

The reality is, when we are in bondage to addiction, whatever that addiction may be, we cannot set ourselves free from that bondage. Striving in the flesh does not set you free. Some reading this might think, “that’s not true, I quit this or that on my own”…but the reality is, in many cases, we go from one addiction to another. To go from a “bad” addiction to a “good” addiction is still addiction. For example, if I was drug addict and quit using drugs, but then became obsessed with financial success I have turned in one addiction for another.

If you want to be truly free of addiction you need to quit striving in the flesh…

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